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09-Sep-2017 03:58

He is just brilliant – he’s amazing.” Most things are lovely for the relentlesslypositive Lisa. It’s so important for people to have an achievable ideal rather than when you see magazines.

They are beautiful images but they are so highly retouched. Back then, it was the early 90s, so the fashion of the time was not the most healthy-looking. I was girl-next-door looking, I had curves, so it was nice to get those letters.” Lisa’s refusal to sacrifice health for beauty led to a hugely varied career that evolved into presenting.

Focusing on the negative is just a waste of time.” Lisa is an ambassador for Clairea Bella’s Love You campaign, helping women to love their shape.

for a runway casting they said she was to curvy and that if she wanted to walk that runway then she would have to stop eating and lose her curves, so as quoted from Lisa I'm not going to change myself just because im curvy, I like the way I am and am not changing it for nobody.. Snowdon began modelling for cover shots with Marie Claire, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Eve, Company Magazine etc., which led to her becoming a full time top fashion model.

Lisa had fallen for Jay at a ­London awards ceremony in 2010, also attended by his Italian wife Stella Pozzi-Bothroyd.

A source said: “Lisa had no idea when she began dating Jay he was still with Stella. “So it was a real shock when she found out he had lied.

And while most of us would find that hard to stop talking about, Lisa has achieved so much since the relationship ended 11 years ago that we have plenty to discuss.

However, such is the link between the two stars in the public consciousness that, after nearly half an hour spent chatting, it seems like the “G” word simply has to be mentioned. In fact, her positivity means she has carved out a niche – the model with curves, the model who eats, the one who’s, well, nice.

I think that always stayed with me, the fact that finally I am a woman and I don’t want to go back to being too skinny again. “I have definitely got more confidence as I have got older. You just have to accept yourself but it is easier to say that than do it.After the performance the children were given the opportunity to meet the cast of Billy Elliot.

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